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HotSht is a unique collection of products combining some of today's newest surface coating & sealant technologies created specifically to look after your toys. You buy the best to do the best, so let's make them look the best with HotSht products. Forget yesterday's waxes and cross-linked polymers! Today's toys deserve today's HotSht Technology. Sio2, Tio2, ceramic, polycarbonates and PTFE are the makeup of our product lines that offer superior protection and performance. Guaranteed performance with ShtProof applications, these proven products come from a company with 40 years experience circling the globe and selling to the world. Now it is on your plate to utilize this HotSht.

Manufactured by SurfaceScience® - a GardGroup company.
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HotSht® products are offered in Canada exclusively through licensed distributors of GardGroup Inc.

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