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    SurfaceScience® Cleaners, Coatings & Surface Protection Products

    SurfaceScience® Cleaners, Coatings & Surface Protection Products

    Advanced Micro-Molecular Surface Protection, Glass Treatment & Multi-Industry, Multi-Vehicle Care Products

    SurfaceScience® Products are the most advanced protection available on the market today. SurfaceScience® technology will provide lasting initial protection, restoration or for virtually every the surface. Whether a fleet of rail and street cars, commercial or private airplanes, transport truck fleets, wind turbine blades, or automotive surfaces,

    SurfaceScience® has proven results, with governments, corporations and individuals alike, offering state of the art, exclusive and environmentally responsible solutions.

    SurfaceScience® is a sister Company to GardGroup Inc., who has been Canada’s leading developer and distributor of surface coatings since 1976. Their proprietary products and services incorporate and maintain some of the most stringent industrial and eco-environmental guidelines in today’s competitive marketplace.

    Comprised of multiple brands, SurfaceScience® brings together a unique blend of products and technologies to provide the best surface coatings, cleaners & protection available in the market today.

    SurfaceScience®... Clearly Superior


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