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    PPS Paint Protection System

    PPS Paint Protection System

    The PPS Paint Protection System utilizes technology that is unmatched in the automotive industry. Our PATENTED proprietary system fuses PTFE to the surface allowing PPS to protect any painted substrate from the damaging effects of UV rays and chemical degradation. PPS will ensure a strong and lasting finish that will prolong the life of your vehicle’s exterior. Benefits of choosing PPS Paint Protection include:

    • PPS is safe for all paints, clear coats, fiber glass and gel coats.
    • PPS is virtually maintenance free - no more waxing or polishing! 
    • PPS preserves and protects treated surfaces from UV rays, environmental pollutants, oxidation & chemical degradation.

    Manufactured by GardGroup Inc.
    For more information on GardGroup and for a complete list of products please visit www.gardgroup.com
    PPS Patented Paint Protection System is offered exclusively through licensed distributors of GardGroup Inc.

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