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    BioBrand® Eco-Certified Cleaners & Surface Coatings

    BioBrand® Eco-Certified Cleaners & Surface Coatings

    While all SurfaceScience® formulations conform to our strict environmental ethics and standards, products certified as BioBrand® have been carefully screened, proven effective and reflect our ongoing commitment to reducing our environmental footprint.

    BioBrand® offers unique, proprietary, “state-of-the-art” technologies from around the globe all brought together under one brand - SurfaceScience®. The science behind this family of proprietary products is an all-encompassing blend of simple, safe yet basic ingredients such as water and micro-molecular organic technology created in some of the most advanced state of the art laboratories in the world.

    BioBrand® Eco-Certified products are Manufactured by SurfaceScience® - a GardGroup company.
    For more information on SurfaceScience® and for a complete list of products please visit www.surfacescience.ca
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    BioBrand® Eco-Certified products are offered in Canada exclusively through licensed distributors of GardGroup Inc.

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