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    AquaGard™ Glass, Windshield & Mirror Treatments

    AquaGard™ Glass, Windshield & Mirror Treatments

    This unique line of glass, window and mirror treatments are the best glass treatments available. Offering moisture repellency products for your home, office or vehicles. Use AquaGard™ products outside on your windows as a rain repellant to help reduce the need to constantly clean your outside windows for a crystal clean view. Use as a water repellant for your interior glass surfaces such as shower doors to reduce water spots and hardware buildup. 

    A great spray or wipe on application for water and dirt repellency. AquaGard™ features a unique formula that is BioBrand® Eco-Certified, proven to be mother-earth friendly and safe for indoor or outdoor use. See with a clearer view and take care of the environment with every application. 


    Manufactured by SurfaceScience® - a GardGroup company.
    For more information on SurfaceScience® and for a complete list of products please visit www.surfacescience.ca
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    AquaGard® products are offered in Canada exclusively through licensed distributors of GardGroup Inc.

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